AutoPlay Pro Bluetooth&Headphones

The app is discontinued due to Android’s restrictions on system settings via an app.
Without waitingtime and ads

Jetzt bei Google Play


Push a widget starts bluetooth connect to a device and start play from a app.
Connect headphones Auto Play starts to play.
With a NFC Tag everything works without pushing the widget.
Individual settings for different bluetooth devices
Long click to delete individual bluetooth device

After connecting bluetooth or headphones are different settings to trigger:
– Set volume
– Start app
– Play music from start app

A NFC tag can be used for different mobilephones when Auto Play is installed.
NFC will only readed when screen is unlocked or Smart Lock is active. NFC is nice in a car.

Auto Play connect every mobile phone to this bluetooth device when this device is in the list of this phone.
If start music is selected, Auto Play checks the connecting bluetooth device can play music (A2DP) and only then the musicapp will be started.

Tested with
– Music player , Spotify , Deezer , Napster
– Amazon Music , Google Play Music , Poweramp

Tested cars and devices:
– BMW , VW Volkswagen , Audi
– Mercedes , Ford , Chevrolet
– JBL , Teufel , Beats , Sennheiser